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Fire Damage Testimonials

I am very happy with the work done with SERVPRO.  The team worked countless hours to restore our home back to normal.  Our home looks great.

We are very pleased with the service from SERVPRO.  They made the process very easy to and we couldn't be happier with the work. 

Professional, prompt, excellent service!

A fire broke out in the Odor Control Room at the MWRA's Nut Island Headworks Facility. This facility performs screening & grit removal for all of the south systems sewage. Damage to the facility was extensive. Soot & ash spread to all areas covering the walls, floors, ceilings, beams, & equipment. The lower level of the facility had 2 to 3 feet of water & damaged all equipment & motors. Significant portions of the odor control duct work & associated components were also destroyed. 

It was essential that the facility clean up be performed on an emergency basis so that the odor control systems could be returned to service for the authority to be in compliance with its air emissions permit. Meridian Consultants were brought in by the insurance carrier to expedite this process. They immediately hired SERVPRO of Weymouth to clean the control room, offices, and common areas so that authority staff could continue operation of the facility & begin assessing the damage. Meridian Consultants then recommended that SERVPRO's Emergency Response Team Olson to perform the extensive heavy industrial cleaning services necessary to remove the soot & ash that covered all surfaces within the operational areas of the facility. SERVPROs teams worked continuously, around the clock when needed, to complete the task on schedule. Working conditions were extremely difficult & required significant coordination with multiple contractors, vendors, & authority staff repairing fire damaged equipment. This was all accomplished in a safe & professional manner, while also maintaing continued operation of the waste water facility. 

Had it not been for the combined efforts of the SERVPRO teams, Meridian, & FM Global, MWRA could not have met it's very tight deadlines. The authority appreciates all efforts put forth by the entire team so that the odor control system could be placed back in operation.

Kevin, your team did a stellar job with drying out and the removal of what needed to go and you did it in the time frame you said. Which enabled us to go seamlessly into reconstruction.

Kevin, thank you so much for a great job! The gentlemen were excellent in all regards! Thanks for making a problem easier to deal with.