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Is a SERVPRO Franchise Right For You?

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Owner putting two thumbs up A SERVPRO franchise could be right for you!

If you’re considering expanding your business portfolio or looking for an excellent franchise opportunity in Adams Shore, MA, that offers a solid return on your investment, a SERVPRO franchise could be just what you’ve been looking for. SERVPRO consistently ranks near the top of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list. SERVPRO has ranked among the Top 10 on that list for seven of the last ten years.


SERVPRO began as a painting business. It was founded in Sacramento, California, in 1967 by Ted and Doris Isaacson. Within a few years, the Issacsons expanded the business to include cleaning and restoration and began offering franchise opportunities. Eventually, the company headquarters moved to Gallatin, Tennessee, so that the headquarters would be within 600 miles of half of the people in the United States. Today, SERVPRO is a national leader in disaster remediation services, with over 1,800 franchise locations so far.

The SERVPRO Business Model
A deep commitment to quality service is at the heart of every SERVPRO franchise. While each franchise is locally owned and operated, all franchisees have the support, backing, and name recognition of North America’s biggest names in the cleanup and restoration industry. Other franchise benefits include:

  • A robust startup package
  • An exclusive, dedicated franchise territory
  • Extensive initial training to become SERVPRO certified
  • All necessary technology to run a successful business
  • Unparalleled corporate support
  • Ongoing training opportunities to stay abreast of the latest technology
  • A proven business model with excellent success rates

How To Open a Franchise
SERVPRO is committed to finding and nurturing the highest quality franchisees. Successful franchise applicants must pass background and credit checks. All franchise owners must have prior business experience and sufficient financial stability to meet the initial costs of opening a franchise, including franchise and license fees, equipment, vehicles, and staff.
If you’re an experienced professional with a passion for providing your clients with the highest quality restoration services, a SERVPRO franchise could be right for you.

Prepare Your Building for Water Damage Repair With These 4 Tips

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Wet carpet, flooding water on office Water damage in an office

Prepare Your Building For Water Damage

After you call a water damage remediation company in Montclair, MA, you have some time before the help arrives. Besides shutting down the water flow, what should you do? These damage tips can guide you as you prepare the affected location to help guarantee an efficient repair.

1. Move All Valuables
Even a small leak or pipe burst can endanger your valuable equipment and documents if they are exposed to water. Avoid major business losses by moving all important items to an elevated area or even outside the building if necessary. Make sure it is safe to take the equipment before you begin.

2. Remove the Water
Perhaps the most crucial step is removing as much water from the building as possible. While usually, professionals handle this part, you can mitigate some damage by doing it. Use a bucket and towels for smaller cases and a wet vacuum for larger amounts of water.

3. Dry the Affected Area
After taking out most of the water, the next step of the damage tips is to dry the area. Though much of the damage may remain in the items, floor and walls, drying makes it easier for the repair specialists to handle everything and reduces the overall impact. Improve air circulation by opening doors and windows. Use a dehumidifier, especially if it will be a few days before the appointment.

4. Document All Damage
Though this is not directly part of cleaning tips, a key part of the remediation process is to document the details about the incident. This information is important for your insurance company as well as the water damage experts. The data helps them determine the best tactics to execute and the equipment to use. Take photos and videos, write down detailed notes about the event and keep any necessary documents.
The cleaning and repair of your water-damaged establishment can sometimes take days after a pipe break. Use these damage tips to prepare the location for this important appointment.

3 Methods Experts Use to Contain Mold

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Ceiling removed, left side of picture plastic barriers, humidifier. Concept of Mold remediation servicess Mold containment in Quincy, MA

3 Methods Experts Use to Contain Mold

Is your building in Quincy, MA, in need of mold cleanup? If it has tested positive or you have suspicions of mold, it's time to call in a mold detection and removal specialist.

1. Physical Barriers
One of the simplest and most straightforward steps a specialist takes is to construct physical barriers around the contaminated space. This helps with two things: restricting foot traffic through the area and stopping mold spores from physically spreading. Physical barriers usually consist of polyethylene sheeting. Multiple layers are used depending on the level of mold present.

2. Air Pressure
An expert uses negative air pressure to further prevent the spread of mold. The physical barriers are mainly to prevent people from tracking spores on their shoes, and the use of air pressure stops mold contamination through the air. As this is the main way that mold spreads, it is an effective technique for halting further spreading. Negative pressure is maintained with special machines and an exhaust pipe to the exterior of the building. The mold cleanup experts can tell if the pressure is negative by watching which way the polyethylene sheeting billows inside the contamination area.

3. Restricted Airflow
The pros also suggest that you shut off the HVAC system in your building. This helps to keep air stagnant and serves to also halt the spread of more mold. It's also suggested to turn off any ceiling fans, standing fans and other air circulation fixtures. Additionally, it's best to limit foot traffic through the area as people moving quickly can also stir spores into the air. An added benefit of keeping your HVAC system off is a temperature change. Mold only grows in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if it's winter, the cold may also be a benefit in reducing mold spread.
With an experienced pro by your side, mold cleanup is a cinch.

4 Questions To Help You Understand Nor’easters

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Storm waves crash over the seawall causing massive flooding, power outages, road closures, and erosion damage along the Maine A nor'easter will form over the coast north of Georgia

Here Are Some Nor'easter Facts To Get You Ready For Any That Might Form

You have probably heard of a nor'easter in an advertisement for a remediation company in Quincy Center, MA, and wondered what it was. This is a storm that forms on the Eastern Coast of the United States. They are called this because their winds blow across the Eastern states from the Northeast. 

1. How Do They Form?
A nor'easter will form over the coast north of Georgia. This is because this area has the perfect conditions for them to form. Polar jet streams bring cold air down from Canada. At the coast, it meets the warm air headed north from the Gulf Stream. Their intersection forms low-pressure systems. This produces a storm.

2. How Are They Different From a Hurricane?
If you look at the satellite images, these storms look very similar. Both a hurricane and nor'easter are storms that develop over the Atlantic. They also are both cyclones, meaning they spiral around a low-pressure system.
However, there are some major differences between these storms. For instance, hurricanes are much further south. Hurricanes develop over warmer waters found near the equator and require warm air to grow. Meanwhile, nor'easters form along the East Coast. They also thrive on cold air.

3. When Do They Happen?
Although they can happen at any time, these storms are most common from September through April. The winter months produce the most severe storms.

4. What Kind of Weather Do They Bring?
These storms bring unpleasant weather. They are well-known for producing blizzards, snow, rain, floods, and monstrous waves. They can also produce extreme winds. The result is damaged land and buildings.
Forming along the United States coast, nor'easters bring a lot of flooding and devastation to coastal towns. They form from a low-pressure system that occurs when the Polar Jet and Gulf Streams meet. Unlike hurricanes, they thrive off of cold air and are most devastating in the winter.

3 Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance After a Fire

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. Business Interruption Insurance

Three Benefits Of Having Business Interruption

Severe fire damage may require temporarily suspending the operation of a business located in North Quincy, MA. If it is not possible to temporarily relocate during restoration, a business may lose revenue and still have to foot the bills for ongoing expenses. Here are three benefits of having business interruption coverage in the wake of a fire at a commercial building.

1. Interruption Insurance Covers Ongoing Expenses
An operation may have a number of expenses that continue over days, weeks, and months following a business fire. Whereas a commercial property insurance claim is restricted to offsetting the cost of cleaning or replacing damaged building materials and contents, this additional coverage can help to offset lost revenue and ongoing expenses such as employee payroll and bills.

2. Interruption Coverage Kicks In Quickly
Coverage may kick in within 48 to 72 hours after making a business interruption insurance claim. For this reason, it may not be as beneficial to file a claim for minor damage that can be restored within this time period. In the event of major damage, this policy can reduce additional losses for the duration of fire cleaning and restoration.

3. Business Owners Can Set Policy Limits
A policyholder has the option to set any limit for an interruption insurance policy. Calculate fixed expenses over set periods of time such as one or two weeks, one month or two months to determine the level of coverage to obtain. The limit you set and the level of fire risk run by a business will determine premiums.
Business interruption insurance coverage is separate from the property policy for a location in North Quincy, MA, though some insurers may make it possible to add an interruption endorsement or rider to an existing policy. Business owners should carefully calculate the expenses and revenue of a business to set a practical limit for an interruption policy.

Flooding in Your House? Don't Do This!

12/30/2020 (Permalink)

interior of the house flooded with water. Water damage in a home

The steps you take directly following damage to your home from a broken pipe in Merrymount, MA, are vital to successfully protecting and restoring your property and personal belongings.

What Not To Do When Your House Is Flooding

What not to do in a water-related incident is equally essential. Some actions to avoid include:

  • Do not use electronics in a wet area. Do not attempt to remove water in home areas with your vacuum cleaner. The design of a standard vacuum does not accommodate moisture. You will damage the machine and risk possible electrocution.
  • Do not clean up water from a sewage leak yourself. A professional cleaning service should take care of this kind of restoration and disinfection process. Cleanup of this type requires proper safeguards and sanitization.
  • Do not enter rooms with structural damage. If your ceiling is sagging or there are indications of compromised structural or electrical integrity, stay out of the area. These are hazardous conditions that could result in serious injuries.

What You Should Do When Flooding Occurs
As soon as you discover water entering your house, you should:

  • Stop the water source. If the water in your home is due to a broken pipe, shut off the valve to that line to prevent more damage.
  • Turn off the power in the affected rooms. Keep the electricity off in the flooded areas of your home to ensure everyone's safety.
  • Try to contain the water. If possible, do what you can to stop the water from moving to other parts of your house.
  • Contact a professional restoration company.
  • If the standing water is more than an inch high or from a broken sewer line, it is crucial to consult a trained cleanup service.
  • They can assess the extent of the damage and how to address it correctly.

Water damage to your home from unexpected events like a broken pipe or a sewer backup can be overwhelming. If you act promptly and enlist specialists, you will prevent further damage, and your home will be back to normal quickly.

Common Places Mold Grows in Commercial Buildings

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall with mold growth Mold remediation in Germantown, MA

How big is your facility in Germantown, MA? Is it possible that you could miss a tiny spot of mold growth? Checking for mold should be a regular part of your business routine.

What Causes Mold To Grow?

Mold is everywhere. Most of the time, it goes unnoticed. It is a fungus that needs moisture and the right nutrients to grow. It finds these things by releasing spores that travel through the air landing anywhere and everywhere until they find a good place to settle. It is when mold finds the perfect home that it becomes a problem.

Where Does Mold Grow in Commercial Properties?
Here are some common places you might find mold in your building:

  • Ductwork that is not working properly causing condensation
  • Carpet that has been soaked by water and not replaced
  • Ceiling tiles in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms
  • Drywall that has suffered water damage
  • Damp paper products

Finding newly sprouted mold spores might seem like an impossible task but inspecting areas where mold growth commonly occurs is a good way to keep the fungus in check and discover building issues that might lead to an infestation.

What if You Discover Mold?
If you find mold in your facility, seek the help of a mold remediation specialist. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that you cannot completely get rid of all mold spores, but with the right help, you can remove the infestation that is causing problems and create an environment where growth will not be a concern. Experts will assess, clean, contain and remove any affected materials from your building. They will also perform air filtration and give you the knowledge needed to keep the mold from returning.
Finding mold growth in your building does not have to be a major issue as long as you are proactive and trust the experts to clean it up properly.

How To Avoid Major Plumbing Problems in Your Commercial Building

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

closeup of a rusty and leaking water heater Leaking water heater

Check The Following To Avoid Major Plumbing Problems

A leaking water main can harm your Hough's Neck, MA, commercial building in a hurry. If the flood occurs at night or in a basement, you could sustain thousands of dollars in damage before you even notice that something is wrong.
A water restoration company can make any necessary repairs following a disaster. However, you are better off avoiding plumbing problems entirely. You can do this by being proactive.
Hire a local contractor to regularly inspector your pipes. Ideally, the plumber should check all of the following:

1. Water Heater
While the commercial water heater is a great tool, it can also leak over time. The inspector should check the safety valves for signs of issues. He can also make sure that the heater is properly increasing the water temperature.

2. Water Pressure
The water pressure should be between 40 and 80 pound-force per square inch (psi). Water pressure that is too low could cause problems with your sinks or toilets. However, high water pressure could harm your pipes. The plumber should thus make sure the psi level is within a safe range.

3. Drains
Drains are another common source of plumbing problems. A professional can hydro-jet or power-rod a slow drain before it completely clogs or overflows. The plumber may also use a camera to look for any root infiltrations within the pipes.
The inspector should additionally check for any active leaks or evidence of corrosion. Puddles, water spots and mold could indicate a broken pipe. This leak could cause extensive damage and waste water.
Corrosion, meanwhile, is often evidence that your pipes need replacing. The plumber should flag any lime scale located near shower heads or water faucets, as well.
Do not let plumbing problems destroy your commercial property. An inspection from a licensed contractor should locate any issues, allowing you to repair them before they cause a massive flood.

How To Avoid a Dryer Fire

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

A person cleaning lint filter of a dryer Lint filters should be cleaned before or after every load

Avoid A Dryer Fire In Your Home

Did you know that your clothes dryer has the potential to cause a lint fire? Improper cleaning is the biggest reason these blazes occur. Here are some tips that can help you avoid an inferno from engulfing your laundry room.

Clothes Dryer Facts
The dangers presented by dryers are significant. Consider these statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association.

Clothes dryers account for a reported 2,900 fires every year
Clothing dryer fires are responsible for $35 million in annual property loss
Failure to clean and improper upkeep causes 31% of these incidents

Fires associated with dryers often cause serious structural damage that needs to be fixed by a residential fire restoration company. Avoid having a lint fire in your home altogether by adhering to the following guidelines.

Clothes Dryer Maintenance and Usage
Only a licensed professional should connect a new dryer. Double-check with your installer that the correct plug and outlet are being used. When these are wrong, the odds of a dryer fire rise exponentially. These details and many others can be confirmed in your user manual.
Lint filters should be cleaned before or after every load. Although easy to overlook, lint also accumulates behind dryers and inside vent pipes. Be certain both of these are clear before running your system. Have a specialist inspect your appliance as soon as it starts working slower than normal.
Examine the vent for signs of damage, as well as obstructions. Clear outdoor vents of animal nests and insects and make sure the vent covering opens properly when your system is in use.
Never overload your dryer or put anything made out of rubber or plastic inside it. Clothes that have come into contact with flammable liquids, such as alcohol or cooking oils, should instead be hung outside to dry naturally.
A dryer lint fire is an avoidable catastrophe. Keep one from happening in Marina Bay, MA, by operating yours wisely.

IICRC Certification Means Experienced, Reputable Company

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

People in a meeting Start finding a company with IICRC mold certification

IICRC Mold Certification

At the first sign of mold in your Adams Shore, MA, home, contacting a mold damage and remediation company is essential to keep the fungus from spreading. For people who haven’t experienced this problem, finding the right company may seem like a daunting task. No matter where your search ends, it should always start with finding a company with IICRC mold certification.

Industry Standards
Similar to a plumber or electrician, there are certain regulations, standards and procedures that ensure the work is done right. Established in 1972, the IICRC is a global nonprofit organization with a mission to provide certification protocols and establish standards for the inspection, cleaning, restoration and installation industries. Through these, it aims to ensure that safety and training requirements are met, as well as companies maintain thorough and ongoing training. Certified mold remediation is a complex process that requires:

  • Businesses provide customers accurate information and adhere to ethical standards.
  • All technicians are formally trained and receive ongoing training. All training must be documented.
  • Proof of liability insurance is required.
  • A complaint policy must be established, which includes providing proof of the timeline and measures taken.

The nonprofit also has established protocols and procedures that are globally recognized, ensuring that its certified mold professionals adhere to industry standards.

Trusted Trained Professionals
If a company is certified, it means you can trust that its technician have completed extensive training, via exams and fieldwork. They will have the tools and techniques to find the tricky hidden sources of mold, as well as the expertise to eliminate the problem. From ensuring the affected is completely dry to containment and restoration, every step of the process will be completed with integrity and in line with established protocols.
Mold is never something anyone wants spreading throughout their home. To ensure proper removal, cleanup and protection from a repeat incident, choose a certified mold company.