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The Storm Damage Restoration Process

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Storm Damage Restoration Process

There is a reason why home restoration, water restoration and storm restoration are important for storm remediation. For one, the river flooding, ground water and flood water that you're dealing with due to hurricane damage needs to have proper storm remediation. There are many people who are dealing with hurricane damage on their own and think they can handle the storm restoration, water restoration and whole home restoration themselves. This simply is not the case because of how much damage comes from flooding itself, including ice dams, frozen pipes and even roof leaks. This is why you need to consider expert storm remediation.

Once you realize how vital it is for you to hire the home restoration and storm restoration pros who deal with storm damage, it's important to get the number for a company offering storm remediation. Once you contact the company, they will come out to your home or place of business and look at the roof leaks, roof damage, hail damage, any available ice damage and generalized storm damage that you're dealing with at the moment. Once assessed, the home restoration pros will get to work with storm restoration and roof repair because of the roof damage that is present. If you have ice damage or hail damage, the company can also handle the ice dams that have formed as well as the ice damming and frozen pipes. Now you know how important it is for you to get water restoration and storm restoration done when dealing with any type of river flooding or residential flooding in the area.

The company offering water restoration and storm restoration will bring their own flood pump to quickly and easily whisk away the flood water and any found ground water in the home. The flood pump is of commercial grade, so you can feel confident it's going to get rid of standing ground water that is present as well as significant amounts of flood water due to residential flooding or even large amounts of river flooding. Now that you know how important it is to get help with wind damage, storm damage, hail damage, ice damage and river flooding, it's just a matter of hiring a company specializing in wind damage and storm damage. They can do the restoration and roof repair for you if you have any type of ice damming, roof damage, ice dams or even frozen pipes.

Whether you choose to offer the company your own flood pump or they will use their own, it's nice to know that there are professionals who can handle the ground water in your home or the flood water you have. The flood pump is essential for getting rid of the flooding in general, and it's why people hire hurricane damage professionals dealing specifically with hurricane damage, wind damage, roof damage, ice damage and even hail damage. If you have a roof leak, you need expert roof repair to get rid of the problem. The roof leak will not get better until you have professional roof repair done.

Wind damage can also cause frozen pipes if you're living in an area with frigid temperatures and routine ice damming. If you have ice dams, be sure to contact a local company able to come out to your home and provide the work that needs to be done. Ice damming will not go away on its own unless you get in a professional to get rid of the issue for you. If you have some type of insurance on your property, home or business, you may also find that the costs are totally covered for you so that you do not have to pay out of your own pocket. This is obviously something that you are going to want to discuss with your insurance provider to find out what you need and other items to consider before you choose to hire their services.
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Advanced Water Damage Analysis

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Advanced Water Damage Analysis

Water is life at all and all the species that exist depend on it entirely. However, water in the unwanted places is hazardous. With broken pipes and faulty supply line chain water ends up in unwanted places not only end up ruining expensive property but also it also destroys the condition of the house by introducing the perfect condition for bacteria and mold to exist. The only remaining solution when one is caught in such crisis is to act fast. Delayed mitigation of flood damage not only causes additional damage from the pipebreak but it is also a requirement of most of the insurance company.

There are basic measurements that are put in place by most of the insurance company those clients on water damage situations for mitigation purposes. First one is required to turn off the power to the affected areas then the water source immediately if it is safely accessible to allow water cleanup and drying. In a flooded business or a flooded home then mitigation should involve trying to start drying your home with a mop or a towel, the flooded home should be observed carefully. For further mitigation of water in home or water in business damage remove the items that can lead to staining and try water cleanup through dying them.

When the professional's water restoration companies send their professional to facilitate the water cleanup, it will primarily involve a process of starting with a thorough inspection of the water damage all the way through to the replacement of the damaged broken pipes ,supply line break, floorings, pipe break, walls and ceilings. When the restoration company analyses the extent of damage due to water in home or water in business he ends up defining and categorizing the category of flood damage so as decide on the best means of restoring flood damage and water cleanup. The class involved is divided into different classes. The first one would involve part of the room that in the process contacted the least of damage due to absorbed little moisture. This is closely related to the following class involving when the water damage has affected the entire room and has already absorbed into carpeting and walls too. Another category will involve when water in homes or water in business has absorbed into the walls and saturated most of the area of pipe break. This sort of damage is considered the worst. The final level of damage usually will require the specialty drying water in home or water in business damage done to the level of flood damage done to the materials such as hardwood, stone, and concrete from flooded home .

The categories of flood damage are analyzed by the restoration company by different types. The first type will involve damage from water cleanup source such as broken supply chain of clean water. Taking care of this with urgency is essential because if this is a category is not mitigated, then it surely will advance to a worse category number two which involves damage from gray water or water that contains urine from overflowing supply line break. The damage comes from supply line break, sewages, river flooding or rather any form of stagnant water in home or water in business. The analysis will make the restoration company to understand if the action will involve simply repair of a pipe break of the entire supply line break.

Finally after the analysis and categorizing the problem the expert proceeds to remove the water mostly through pumps and vacuums from the flooded home. This would be followed by drying which may take quite some time to ensure dryness. The restoration company clean s the belongings that need the cleaning and further sanitize the necessary items. Finally, restoration process of drywall and floors commences immediately.The pipe break should also be left in a good condition. Visit for more information on water damage.

Getting Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

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Getting Professional Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

If you have recently had a fire in your home, you know how painful and excruciating it can be to deal with the aftermath. Fire damage and commercial fire damage are both no laughing matter. Because of the fact that you are working with fire restoration experts, it is easy to get the fire damage repaired as soon as possible. After the firefighters leave with their fire trucks and fire hoses, you should contact a fire restoration company as soon as possible.

Whether you have recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, it is good to know that there are experts out there who are specialized in fire damage and fire restoration. Commercial fire damage is extremely difficult to handle on your own. This is because of the fact that it can be difficult to get the job done when it concerns the smoke damage and any possible soot damage that has been left behind. Commercial fire damage experts are there to help as much as they possibly can.

The fire restoration experts can also install a fire sprinkler system for you so that fire suppression is done in due time. The fire sprinkler system can be professionally installed at a price that you will be able to easily afford. There is absolutely no reason for your home or business to go without a fire suppression system, so this is why it is imperative that you have a commercial fire damage expert do the job for you. After the firefighters have left using their fire hoses and fire trucks, it is essential that you get a professional involved.

Whether it is smoke damage due to a fire or possible soot damage, the fire damage experts are there to help as much as they possibly can. One of the main issues with firefighters using their fire trucks and fire hoses is that a can leave behind water damage as well as other types of damage. This is why a lot of people who have recently dealt with commercial fire damage are considering putting in a fire sprinkler system to prevent the issue from happening again. Whether you use a fire sprinkler system or a fire suppression system, there are many options available for your home or business.

An electrical fire or utility room fire can leave behind a lot of smoke damage that is difficult to get rid of on your own. This is why it is so important to get rid of soot damage by immediately getting the professionals in after a utility room fire or electrical fire. Almost every firefighter will suggest a fire suppression system so that you can benefit from it as often as you need. Even though they will come using their fire trucks and fire hoses, you need something that will prevent the fire from getting out of hand and causing a lot of smoke damage and soot damage.

Electrical fires are some of the worst that you could possibly get in your home or business, and a lot of people deal with utility room fires as well. If you have recently dealt with any of these issues, it is absolutely imperative that you contact a local professional to install a sprinkler system so that the issues do not get out of hand. It is incredibly important that you work with professionals as often as you possibly can. This ensures that your home or business is in great shape and does not have the potential to have a fire. You will also be happy to know that the majority of fire damage issues can be covered by insurance if you have it on your home or business. It is important for you to contact your insurance provider to find out more information about what is covered and what you should expect from this type of option that is currently available to you and your family.
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Don't Handle Storm Damage Alone!

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Don't Handle Storm Damage Alone!

Storm damage can be destructive and can result in substantial damage to a home when flooding occurs. Nevertheless, quality flooding restoration services are necessary especially if no one wants to handle the situation alone. Wind damage, heavy rains, flood water, mounting rivers, hurricane damage among other comparable situation may need to be handled by experts who understand the various procedures in dealing with the river flooding or ice damming situation. It would be great to consider some factors before hiring any firm to manage the storm damage during flooding to be sure that the property or roof repair project is in safe hands.

Consideration to hire the right flood restoration firm

• Licensing

Licensing is among the first considerations one must make when hiring any company to handle the hurricane damage or roof damage after flooding. Every state requires that every company undertaking such wind damage, ice damage or hurricane damage services must be fully licensed and certified to provide such services. A well-licensed firm should also have the best-experienced, frozen pipes repair and flood pump and experts who under storm remediation.

• Consider experience

In this kind of a scenario, nobody wants to work with a company or expert who does not understand what they are doing. Confirming that the firm to be hired has been handling frozen pipes, any flood pump, ice damming, or river flooding catastrophes or even wind damage scenarios for a substantial period could help very much. While some roof repair companies may specialize in window restoration or roof damage restoration, the primary desires should be to hire a firm that will comprehensively undertake the task of restoring the entire house to its normal situation after the flood water and ground water evacuation scenario by the use flood pump.

• The technology and equipment to be used

The tools and machines used in the home restoration program define the final results to be required. Some people may have some devices and products in kind, and they would like any ice damage, storm damage, wind damage, flood damage roof leak and water Restoration Company to use those products. Stating the preference on things like tools for emptying ground water would be a great idea. A roof repair or ground water evacuation company that uses advanced technology in their home restoration process can guarantee quality results by the end of the process roof damage restoration, storm restoration ice damming as well as frozen pipes repair. Always make sure the hail damage, water damage or ice damage restoration improves the house to the desired level.

• Consider insured companies

Home restoration projects are sometimes risky, and one may need them to be fully covered. Some clients also prefer working with hail damage firms which will deal with their insurance companies regarding any damages that could occur during the process. Understanding whether the potential contractor has a comprehensive insurance cover is important. The insurance should cover the property, their roof repairs, and storm restoration workers, and third party, frozen pipes repairs, therefore, remains a significant element in any ground water and ice dam evacuation and hurricane damage along with home restoration project.

• Reputation and ratings must be considered

There is nothing as important as working with a firm that is trusted by many people because of the type of river flooding services they provide. Asking friends could be a good way of understanding the roof leak companies that exist in any state. One can also search for the most reputation roof leak and ice dam firms and Storm Restoration Company online. Evaluating the flood water restoration companies based on the ratings they get from their clients could also give the confidence that they can undertake the project. Consult the neighbors about the options best for the flood water project or storm remediation.

• Responsiveness and dependability water restoration firm

Storm damage scenarios are encounters which require emergency responses. The firm should, therefore, have the ability to respond quickly and handle the river flooding, ice dam or roof leak or hail damage and storm restoration situation before it causes more destruction on the property or causes more roof damage. It is highly advisable that one should hire a water restoration firm that is based in the city for convenient storm remediation.

In case the home is affected by flood water, ice damage or storm damage, it would be great to understand the need and the various undertakings one would like any firm to undertake. Contacting the storm remediation firm is also necessary especially if one had insured against such roof damage, hurricane damage, and ice dam or hail damage catastrophe. Other various processes used could be the utilization of the flood pumps, ice damming among other important ways in storm remediation.
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Contacting the Pros for Water Damage

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

Contacting the Pros for Water Damage

Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most common disasters that we commonly experience. Because of the many ways that water damage may occur, as well as the varying costs that these repairs may accrue, it is important to take the appropriate actions in a timely fashion when handling this issue.

When dealing with water in a business or water in a home, time is the most imperative factor to consider for maximum mitigation of damages. Without taking a timely approach to address water in the home or water in the business, damages can quickly multiply in severity, limiting mitigation. Seeking out the best restoration company to address flood damage is the first step to quelling the situation. Your insurance company will normally have a working relationship with many of the reputable restoration companies in your immediate area and may be able to recommend the company that will be most able to assess your needs. An important factor to consider is that every restoration company is not the same. A restoration company is usually required to assess and remove the standing water in your home or water in your business, but may not be licensed in their state to provide additional care. Flood damage to your home or business can be very unpredictable, and for this reason, a restoration company will almost certainly be available for 24 hours a day. This is essential for mitigation of damage.

When speaking with your insurance company, as well as your restoration company, there are a few things that you should be sure to discuss. It is important to give your restoration company all of your pertinent personal information, as well as an outline of the water damage that you are currently experiencing. You should also make sure to review your insurance policy with the company that you are receiving services from, as they work for you, and it is important to have a clear understanding of each party’s personal responsibilities. Standing water in the home or standing water in the business can create additional problems, such as electrical outlets that may be hazardous to those in the area.

One of the essential aspects of the water cleanup process is assessing the initial source of the flood damage. During water cleanup, the company that you contact to restore your home or business to normality may decide that the source of the problem is a supply line break or a pipe break. In the restoration business, a line break is a very common cause of water damage in the home or business due to the many ways in which they can be attacked. A pipe break or supply line break may occur due to inclement weather involving freezing, or due to rust and break down over time. In a flooded home, a line break or pipe break can be hidden or exposed, each carrying their own set of problems. If the supply line break or pipe break is exposed, it may be easier to identify, and considering time is always a factor in a flooded home, this can give you a leg up in the process. If a supply line break or pipe break is hidden, it may not be immediately accessible to the company you’ve chosen for restoration. If the supply line break or pipe break isn’t immediately accessible in the flooded home, a wall, or whatever is blocking the pipe from immediate access, may need to be removed, and additional costs may occur. This is where contacting the proper company for your home or business restoration becomes most important, as an additional company may need to be contacted if the company you’ve chosen is not licensed to conduct the extra repairs. Drying is the final step in the process.

When faced with flood damage, the water cleanup process is completed after the drying process has occurred. In a flooded home, the drying process is essential to the water cleanup process, as well as for the mitigation of damages. The improper drying of your home or business may result in unwanted microbial growth that can destroy valuable property.
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Professional Fire Damage Restoration- What to Do Before Help Arrives

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Professional Fire damage Restoration- What to Do Before Help Arrives

The primary focus of everyone around a house which has suffered fire damage should be their safety and that of other occupants. Before you even think about getting the emergency services, you should try and evacuate as many people from the building with fire in home, as possible. When you are sure that everyone who can be moved out of the building has been removed, you can start looking for emergency services and fire damage restoration experts. Below are some tips and guidelines that can help you stay safe as you wait for help to arrive and also the services offered by fire damage experts.

Limit movement

Even if the fire has already been put out, fire damage experts recommend that you stay away from the home until they have ascertained that the building is safe to enter. Besides the safety concerns, frequent movement inside the house that suffered fire in home or fire in business leads to smoke damage and soot damage spreading when the particles are transferred by feet to upholstery and other surfaces. If you have to lift any equipment in the house, make sure that they will not lead to any further damage to the weakened structures within the home.

What not to do after fire damage

While it is understandable that smoke damage and soot damage are very unsightly, experts recommend that you avoid trying to do fire cleanup to the soot and smoke damage on the walls by yourself. Fire cleanup is a process that needs procedure including placing tarps on the floor to protect it from stains. Similarly, smoke damage needs to be handled by a restoration company which understands how to freshen the air within the house. Another don’t when dealing with fire damage restoration is attempting to do fire cleanup on any electrical appliances that were close to the fire without consulting the commercial fire damage experts. You should also avoid consuming any canned goods that could have survived the fire in home or fire in business.

The assistance you will get from fire damage restoration companies

When you call in the restoration company, they will assess the level of damage so that they can come up with an action plan. If a lot of water was used for firefighting, they will start fire cleanup with the extraction of the water and dry the house. Then, they will perform a board up service to support any drywall which has been destroyed and also to bar doors and windows, protecting them from intruders. The board up process also keeps elements of the weather such as the rain out. The board up process is often done together with roof tarps and floor tarps.

Cleaning soot damage is the other part of the commercial fire damage repair. Soot damage and smoke smell need to be handled with care because when done wrong, it can lead to permanent stains in the home. Improper cleaning of soot damaged parts of the home will also set the smoke smell. Let the restoration company handle the process of removing smoke smell from clothes, upholstery, and appliances. They will also open all the machines where the smoke smell could be accumulating, remove dirty air filters and open all fresh air sources.

The restoration is the last step in the commercial fire damage mitigation. It involves removing the board up, repairing and replacing all the parts that were destroyed by the fire in business. The fire damage restoration experts will repair ceilings, roofs, drywall, and replace doors and windows destroyed by the fire. They will then repaint the building, replace all the fire safety measures that existed before and make sure the house is safe to be occupied. The secret to successful fire in home mitigation and fire in business restoration is hiring a competent restoration company to handle the commercial fire damage repair.
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Taking Back Your Home or Business from Mold Contamination

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Taking Back Your Home or Business from Mold Contamination

Homes that experience mold damage are not necessarily doomed to condemnation. Mold in a home or commercial mold damage are serious issues to be sure, as dry rot, black mold, smelly odor from mildew and other fungus growths cause damage to structural stability and resale value of buildings. However, any restoration company is able to enact mold removal, remediation and mitigation protocols in a systematic process to combat mold damage and prevent further spread of fungus and mildew.

The first step in this process is to identify the extent of mold in a home or commercial mold damage. Mold damage itself is problematic to assess, as mold growth behind walls, dry rot on wood on the frame of a building and black mold can be elusive. A restoration company will employ highly trained and certified personnel experienced in rooting out mold damage wherever it hides, which is why most leave mold removal, mitigation and remediation to such companies. Once the mold growth and mold damage are identified, these personnel will implement further steps to begin remediation.

The next step in mitigation, mold removal and remediation is to contain the mold damage to areas already effected. A restoration company might use negative pressure chambers as physical barriers to stop the spread of spores, or the company might implement negative air pressure to prevent further mold growth behind walls. These systems will be in place until after mold removal, remediation and mitigation process is complete to ensure recontamination of newly sterilized areas does not occur.

After the mold growth is contained, professionals move on to air filtration to begin removing fungus and mildew spores from the air. Fungus and mildew also leave behind a smelly odor which requires deodorization. Deodorization begins with the air filtration, and continues on throughout the restoration process. A restoration company will utilize various types of filtration equipment to filter the air, and the effort will continue on throughout the cleanup in order to ensure no spores escape capture.

Once air filtration is begun, residential and commercial mold damage restoration moves to physically removing the mold growth from the building. When there is substantial mold growth behind walls, this can become an arduous chore. Conversely, when there is significant dry rot or black mold the process may require removal of flooring and framing of the structure itself. Dry rot, black mold and mold growth behind walls can be invasive enough to require substantial retrofit of a building’s interior. Physically removing mold infected material completely when there is mold in a home or commercial mold damage ensures that the mold growth does not survive the cleaning process however. Ergo, while time consuming and difficult at times it is essential.

When all materials housing the mold are removed, the process goes into the cleaning phase. This is where all contents and belongings are sterilized and cleansed with special processes to ensure mold does not return. For mold in a home, this includes personal possessions which require thorough cleaning to ensure spores are destroyed. Professionals will also clean everything on the interior of a structure from the carpet to the drapes in order to help remove the smelly odor and further deodorization.

The final stage in the removal of mold is restoring the aesthetics of the structure to its original state. Depending on the damage done during the process of physically removing the mold, this final step can also be rather time intensive and difficult. Paneling and flooring torn away to reveal mold underneath, possessions that had to be disposed of and the interior finery of a building require replacement before the building can be reoccupied. During this final step, the process of deodorization is completed as well and the smelly odor from the mold is finally fully removed by various methods. Once the process is complete, the homeowner or business owner’s establishment is fully functional again, and often times the previous damage is not evident.
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Different Classes of Water Damage

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Different Classes of Water Damage

Water restoration refers to the course of repairing a house or property to its initial condition after water damage. Water in home or water in business can cause damage to property and cause an emotional disturbance. Water cleanup is a big task, and often many people opt to leave the work to a water restoration company. The flood damage experts are well equipped for the task and have knowledge of mitigation measures to prevent further damage to property. Water in business and flooded home can occur due to floods, a supply line break or another pipe break, overflow.

Evaluation and categorization

The first step in water clean up is an assessment of the water damage. The evaluation allows the restoration company to establish the appropriate response and mitigation. For example, damage from supply line breaks and pipe breaks. During this process, it is vital that the restoration company will work together with the insurance to understand and address the damage. The experts must identify the source of damage, document the damage, and develop accurate estimates for water damage restoration. The experts then proceed to categorize the water damage based on the level of contamination.

Category 1

Entails water from clean sources such as sinks, toilet with neither feces nor urine, supply line break and other pipe breaks. The water damage here occurs from clean water sources.

Category 2

This encompasses water will that contains some contaminants such as water from the washing machine, dishwasher, or toilet with urine.

Category 3

This includes all water that is highly unsanitary and can cause illness or fatality if ingested. For example, sewage water standing water with microbial growth, water from the toilet with feces, flood waters, etc.

Categorizing damage

Flood damage experts classify damage by water into four groups

Class 1 damage

When the water is confined in a small area and materials absorb very little water

Class 2 damage

When water floods the entire room and limited to the carpet area

Class 3 damage

This entails damage where the whole area is saturated with water.

Class 4 damage

Occurs when there are numerous deep saturated pockets

Water removal

In the case of supply pipe break or another pipe break, the restoration professionals must seal the breaks as mitigation against further damage. The water removal step involves extraction of excess water in the flooded home or water in the property. The flood damage experts normally achieve this by use of a wet-dry vacuum or a gas powered submersible pump. Electrical pumps are not used because they can cause electric shock.

Drying and cleaning

After the water removal process, the flood damage experts will proceed to clean the premise. The water cleanup process entails the use of scrubbers and detergents to deposited dirt. The restoration company will use different techniques to dry water in home and even water in business. The methods include.

Air movers

Also called evaporators, the air movers facilitate the drying process by controlling the humidity and enhance air circulation in the premise. This helps remove water in home from porous materials such as wood, drywall, carpet, etc. the restoration company will use other specialized equipment to remove water from difficult to reach areas. Air movers enhance rapid drying a flooded home or water in business.


These remove moisture from the air. There are two types of dehumidifier depending on the restoration company you hire and the conditions of the restoration task.

i. Refrigerant

Water cleanup experts use refrigerants to cool the interior air. The air loses its ability to retain water, which condenses on the cooling coils of the machine. The high-grade dehumidifiers used to remove water in business and water in the home, pull excess water from air at a high rate.

ii. Desiccant dehumidifiers

This type of dehumidifier does not cool the air, but they use materials that absorb moisture from the air. The large-scale variants can remove water equally as fast as the refrigerant dehumidifiers can.

To remove water in the home or water in business, the experts must place dehumidifiers in strategic positions and ensure they are working properly. The dehumidification process can continue for several days. Dehumidification is a significant mitigation measure against mold growth and other microbial pathogens.

Decontamination and Mold inspection and removal

Residual water can cause mold damage if left not addressed. The mitigation of mold damage entails the application of particular compounds that make deter mold growth. Additionally, water cleanup experts will employ other mitigation measures such as deodorization and ventilation to eliminate the lingering smell and airborne contaminants from a flooded home.

Monitoring and completion

Monitoring the restoration process from flood damage is very important if the water cleanup process is to achieve desirable results. The experts have to be proactive during the monitoring period. Experts will continuously check if the drying equipment is working correctly. Water cleanup experts will take the necessary action if anything is not occurring as desired. The repair process is deemed complete once the humidity and temperature are up to the required standards. Upon successful completion the experts can now remove the drying equipment. Remember to seal or repair any supply line breaks or pipe breaks that may have caused the damage.
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Benefits Of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Benefits Of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire in home or fire in business can be devastating for everyone involved. Feelings of stress and confusion are common, and it is crucial to call a restoration company with a team of caring professionals to help you deal with this crisis.

Residential and commercial fire damage professionals have the specialized fire cleanup and restoration skills and experience to quickly restore your business or home to pre-damage condition. Fire cleanup technicians also have the right equipment for smoke smell removal and deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery.

Reputable professionals always treat business and home owners with the empathy and respect, and they’ll treat perform the fire cleanup with great care. They will take proper steps to remove smoke damage, soot damage, smoke smell and restore the business or home back to its pre-fire damage condition. By clearing out soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell, washing surfaces and repainting, replacing or repairing areas of the structure, the business or home will be restored to its original state.

The steps listed below illustrate the process for professional fire damage restoration.

1. Emergency Contact

The restoration process begins when a restoration company is contacted. Fire cleanup professionals will respond right away with the appropriate equipment and supplies. It is critical to start fire cleanup and fire damage restoration as soon as possible after a fire in home or fire in business, because the longer it's delayed, the worse the smoke damage, soot damage, smoke smell or fire damage will be.

2. Inspection And Assessment

This step is crucial to developing a plan of action. Once you call a restoration company to handle your fire cleanup, certified professionals will go to the home or business and conduct an initial inspection. They will determine how much damage was done to the business or home. After the inspection, they will develop a plan to board up windows and doors and clean and restore your property.

3. Board Up and Roof-Tarp

Residential and commercial fire damage technicians board up damaged doors and windows.
Fire damage can often compromise roofs, walls, and windows. To maintain security and to ensure protection against further damage, residential or commercial fire damage professionals can place tarps on damaged roofs and board up missing walls and windows.

4. Water Removal and Drying

Professionals begin the water extraction process almost immediately to remove most of the water. They then use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the remaining small patches of water and complete the drying process.

5. Removal of Smoke and Soot

Fire damage technicians use the right equipment and techniques to clean up smoke and soot from walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. They remove smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell.

6. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Residential and commercial fire damage professionals perform cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of all of the salvageable belongings and structures that were damaged. They also clear out smoke smell and odors using large, industrial fans. This step is very important, because the corrosive substances contained in smoke will continue to damage durniture, electronics, appliances and surfaces until it is thoroughly removed. The industrial air scrubbers also helpful in drying out floors and walls that may have sustained water damage.

Restore To Original Condition

Restoration is the final phase of the process and it involves getting the business or home to its pre-fire condition. Professionals use state-of-the-art fire damage cleanup equipment and techniques to remove all traces of the fire in home or fire in business. After the fire in home or fire in business restoration project has been completed, the quality and condition of the home or business will look amazing.

Summing Up

A fire is a devastating experience. Fire in home and fire in home cause tremendous damage to the structure and possessions. A fast response helps minimize the damage, and reduces cost. It is important to hire a restoration company that knows how to do fire damage restoration quickly and effectively. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How to Handle Mold Following a Leak or Flood Damage

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How to Handle Mold Following a Leak or Flood Damage

Understanding mold damage isn’t always easy. People know mold growth is a problem, but few realize just how much of a problem mold growth really is. What most people focus on when they find mold in the home or commercial mold damage is how inconvenient and potentially expensive mold damage is to clean up, and many people look for a way to handle mold removal on their own without the help of a professional restoration company. It’s never safe to handle mold removal without the help of professionals with a restoration company, and it’s never a good idea to forgo mitigation and remediation when mold is present. Here’s what you must know about mold damage.

Mold in the Home and Commercial Mold Damage Pose Health Threats

Fungus, mold, mildew, and dry rot all present health issues to people at home or work. Mold growth can cause people to become ill. Black mold and too much mold growth in a home or office have the ability to cause people with allergies or asthma to suffer more severe health issues. While it’s true black mold is the most dangerous, anyone with a weak immune system is at risk when any kind of mold grows in a home or office. Black mold is toxic in small amounts, but any mold is toxic when it’s growing out of control. Black mold or not, those with compromised immune systems, babies, and the elderly are being put at risk anytime mold is present and not being treated.

How to Recognize Mold in the Home or Commercial Mold Damage

- Fungus
- Mildew
- A smelly odor
- Dry rot

These are all signs of mold. Dry rot is a sign there is water or moisture in or around the walls causing them to break down. If dry rot is present, it could mean there is moisture anywhere in the home. Dry rot should be treated as a reason to call for professional mold removal right away.

Fungus is mold, and any fungus or mildew in a home or office means conditions are good for mold growth. Since most fungus types and mildew types need only a little moisture and a little warmth to grow, it shares the same needs as mold. Seeing either in a home or office means mold is likely to grow soon if it’s not already growing where people don’t notice.

Mold growth behind walls is another common problem. Many assume mold only occurs if there’s been a flood, but flood damage is only one way mold growth behind walls is a problem. When there is a leak in a pipe hidden in the walls, mold growth behind the wall is probable if conditions are right. The problem home and business owners face when mold growth behind walls is occurring is it’s not visible. It usually grows rapidly behind walls, and that’s a big problem.

The best way to notice mold in the walls is the presence of a smelly odor. The smelly odor has a very musty scent, and most people are naturally inclined to find some sort of deodorization method to get rid of the smelly odor. Deodorization is not a problem, but it’s not a solution. Anyone can use deodorization to mask a smell, but no form of deodorization kills mold spores. This requires professional remediation and mitigation services.

How to Proceed When Mold in the Home or Commercial Mold Damage is Present

Call a professional restoration company for mold removal. Mitigation and remediation are mandatory, and no one can afford to skip this step. It’s too dangerous for anyone to attempt mold removal without the help of a restoration company. Disturbing mold causes spores to enter the air at a rapid pace and spread quickly throughout any building. This makes mold grow much faster.

The best thing people can do is turn off the air and heat to prevent mold spores in the air from having such easy access to other rooms. If there is a flood, it’s best to start getting water out of the home or office right away to slow down and potentially prevent mold damage from occurring. Other than that, it’s all left to the professionals to come in and perform mitigation and remediation.

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